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Women and

Some guys with big dicks can often be a 'big dick'. The smaller man can often be more skilled at foreplay and oral sex and generally be more willing to impress. Or may be you find a big penis uncomfortable? Whatever your reason everyone you talk to on is smaller than average.

We encourage a friendly and fun dating environment with a focus on the female member. For example, all profile pictures are faces only and we have an advanced report system. If someone is rude or offensive you can report them and their profile shows their report status. If a members report score is reduced to zero then they are banned from the site.

In addition we offer a lot of blocking options. These include:

Block single member
Use this to stop a person sending you messages or contacting you via live chat.

Block by distance
If you only want to be contacted by local men you can block the ones that are too far away.

Block by picture
Stop men from contacting you if they don't have an approved profile picture.

Block by age
Set your preferred age range and all other men will not be able to contact you.

Hopefully you will not need to any of these block commands but just incase they are there if you need them! Our female members rate our site highly and would recommend it to their single friends.

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