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Dinky One: Share your size

Penis size added to profiles

No 'dick pic' required

Dinky One has grown over the years to be a firm favorite with so many different groups of singles. Straight singles, bi-singles, gay singles, and trans singles.

We received a very polite email from Laurent:


I have just heard about your site.

I am gay but I feel really frustrated about your site, because I love guys with tiny wee-wee, and I am sure I might find the perfect guy on your site. I could do anything to have a boyfriend with a small one. But !, my dick is not small, (even over the regular size), I can’t access your site and I don’t want to lie.

The thing you forgot with the gay guys going on your site is that it is not because you have a tiny penis that you want to be with a guy with a small one too. On the contrary, it is not because you have a regular or a big one that you cannot like small ones.

So, for gay guys, I think you really should accept all sizes and create an “admires” category.

I hope you understand my point and you will contact me with good news. I really want a small-size BF, and I am sure you are key.



How could we not oblige Laurent? Not only is this a great feature for gay admirers, but it also appeals to everyone.

Dinky One has rolled out a new feature where men and trans people can now choose to specify their penis size, until now all member's member sizes were not shared and could have been anywhere from 0.5 to 5.5 inches. We expect this to be a popular feature as micro-sized men are not lacking confidence. There is a special consideration when it comes to trans people as they may or may not have a penis and may or may not want to be defined by owning one so the 'no penis' option will remove all reference to size from their profile.

Dinky One Penis Size

For some reason, the preferred unit of measurement for a penis is still imperial inches and the metric system has not been widely adopted. However, Dinky One will provide a unit conversion tool in a future update. Until then you should multiply the size in inches by 2.54 for the dimensions in cm. Dinky One members can choose a size in increments of half an inch up to a maximum of 5.5 inches. Additionally, there are options for size to remain private or set to DinkyOne Admirer for men over average interested in chasing smaller guys.

The new sizing feature does not include a girth measurement as there should always be an element of surprise when it comes to aspect ratio.

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