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Penis size and male confidence

Does the size of his penis match the size of his ego?
How confident are men about their penis size?
Are bigger men more or less confident?

We asked 2,946 men (straight, gay, and bisexual) over our entire dating network the following questions:

Survey questions:

  • Are you confident to approach someone you are attracted to in a bar or nightclub?
  • If you were naked with someone for the FIRST TIME, would you be confident about the size of your erect penis?
  • What size is your penis length when erect?
  • Any comments about penis size and confidence?

We asked the questions in this order so size was not mentioned until the end. Our entire dating network covers a range of niches and mainstream sites.

The idea of the survey was to see:

If general confidence level of men have a correlation to penis size.
How a man's confidence level changed when clothed or naked.

The following infographic below shows naked confidence with respect to size.

penis size confidence

Copy and paste the following code to add our penis size confidence infographic to your website or blog.

As the first question on the survey was about general confidence and didn’t mention penis size we can say without question that the size of a man’s penis impacts their general confidence levels. A man with the courage to chat to a stranger who they are attracted to in a social environment is most likely to have an above-average or well below average penis size. Men who are shy are a couple of inches below average.

Being extreme, either big or small is boosting confidence levels in men. When a new partner sees an 11 inch or 1-inch penis, they will be surprised, shocked, or intrigued. Being different or unique is making a difference.

However, when a man is just below average it is toughest, there’s no WOW factor.

What is also of interest is approximately 50% of men who are averaged sized are insecure about their length.

Quotes from survey participants

Here is a selection of quotes from men who took part in our survey, they are listed in penis size order, small to large.

I love having a small Penistone, and the initial reaction I get. I quite enjoy being humiliated and mocked.
1 inch, UK.

I’m so self-conscious about the size of my dick that I’m afraid to talk to females.
2 inches, USA.

I feel that for me, my size has directly impacted all of my life, I cannot talk to women or show women. I feel too ashamed of it, I'm 6'8 and I'm only 3 inches. I feel for my size I'd be better off at 7 but I'm stuck at 3 and it's ruining my life.
3 inches, UK.

Why the hangup of a big penis.  It's the way you work it.
4 inches, USA.

Proud of my small penis and I now actually enjoy humiliation. Love to let people see it.
4 inches, UK.

No one should be made to feel inadequate, ultimately you have to work with what you've got.
6 inches, UK.

Knowing that I have an easier time pleasuring my partner with a bigger penis allows me to focus on their response to my touch. I am less self-conscious because I am larger.
8 inches, USA.

Although I don’t have any comments to add, I have received many!
11 inches, USA.

Clothed vs naked confidence levels

The table and graph below will allow you to compare clothed and naked confidence levels with respect to penis size.

Penis Size (inches)Penis Size (cm)Confidence (clothed)Confidence (naked)
1''2.5 cm85%67%
2''5.1 cm54%52%
3''7.6 cm46%34%
4''10.2 cm48%33%
5''12.7 cm50%42%
6''15.2 cm67%78%
7''17.8 cm73%89%
8''20.3 cm88%92%
9''22.9 cm91%93%
10''25.4 cm90%95%
11''27.9 cm93%97%

Graph of male confidence VS. penis size

penis size confidence graph

The lines for naked and clothed confidence levels follow the same trend. What this shows in general, confident men are secure in all aspects of their life. As the lines cross over at exactly average penis size (5.5 inches) shows us that larger endowed men gain confidence when naked and smaller guys lose confidence.

Penis size confidence video

The video below ranks confidence levels to size.

Confidence boosting

Jodie West, Australian Sexologist and founder of Bliss for Women adds.

''The size of a person’s penis can affect the sensation a partner feels during intercourse, however there is no reason for it to be a deal breaker. Some people prefer a partner with a smaller penis, reasons vary but it could be because of a better fit, less likely to trigger sexual pain issues, or because other skills have been better developed as a result. These skills include but not restricted, to oral, manual stimulation, utilising toys or successfully navigating other erogenous zones. In the case of vagina owners most of the nerve endings in the vaginal canal are in the outer third of it and the majority do not orgasm through penetration alone, so those other skills could be considered more valuable.''


Can you tell how big a man is before he gets undressed? Maybe not, but very confident men are confident as they know they have a surprise in their pants. That surprise could be the biggest or smallest you have ever seen.

The men who are really small and have a micropenis (<= 3 inches) are either letting their size negatively impacting their lives or learning to adapt to their situation.

It has always been said that confidence is an attractive attribute of a person. Increasing your penis size is extremely difficult therefore focus on increasing your confidence.

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